Episode 23: “Face-cup judges you”

By January 10, 2018Podcasts

Happy 2018! This was our first episode of the new year and it’s great to be back. And this is our first blog/episode notes– feeling professional AF right now guys.

Episode Review/Notes

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In this episode, our primary focus was how couples decide whether or not to have children; a problem that seems to be facing our generation much more than previous ones (oh the burden of choice). We have avoided it for 22 episodes, but the time finally came. We personally do not plan on having children, but, thanks to amazing listeners, we were able to share some alternate perspectives as well. We discuss the numerous factors to consider, including expense, personal choice, current societal environment, and legacy.

Oh, and meet face cup (mentioned during our news segment thanks to Austin’s inattention and keen eye):

Other things referenced in this episode:

Awkward Yeti: http://theawkwardyeti.com/comic/video-sharing-2/
This links directly to the one Austin was referencing in the episode, but do yourself a favor and check out some other ones because they are all gold!

Movies: The Good Son (2004), We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)

American Girl Doll/Molly (“this bitch that comes with books”): http://www.americangirl.com/shop/ag/molly-mcintire-mini-doll-djd55

Behind the Scenes
This is where I’ll give you some raw information from each episode; mainly a glimpse into the planning and recording process, for better or worse.

We had originally planned on recording multiple episodes during the winter/holiday break, but alas, life happens, and we weren’t able to record this episode until four days prior to releasing. We tried the night before, but our podcast desktop had a ton of updates to do before it was ready to go. I personally stress out like crazy when we record mere days before releasing the actual episode because editing takes a long time and it removes any wiggle room if tech or personal issues arise. Case and point, I started crying during the news segment because I kept saying “psychopathic” wrong (but really, who invented that word? Probably a psychopath..). Thanks to solid editing on Austin’s part, you can’t tell. Luckily, this is not a regular occurrence, but it definitely reminds us both why recording at least a week before releasing is a must (major tip to anyone who has or plans to have their own podcast: don’t make your job harder than it has to be).

Overall, this was a deep episode to record and topic to discuss (tears and all). I know for myself, I avoided the topic of children because it’s been a topic I have constantly felt judged about. I’ve been pretty firm in my decision to not have children since I was young, but I was frequently told that I would change my mind or questioned relentlessly on why. There is a sense of loss in that decision, but I know that it is what is right for me. After recording, having spent several hours discussing out the matter and looking into the future, I think we both ended knowing our decision is right for us, but still feeling heavy with what we will be missing out on (mainly a lack of legacy and ability to pass on all that we love). I hope that being open about the topic (and adding a bit of humor to the situation) helped people reflect on their own decisions and feel better about doing what is right for them.

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