Episode 24: “Grey area”

By January 24, 2018Podcasts

Episode Review/Notes

Links from this week’s news:

Here’s two extra ones from two different viewpoints about the Aziz story:

In this episode, we focused on break-ups (although to be fair, the Aziz debate took a good amount of time as well). We discussed how to determine when it’s time to break-up, our own methods of dealing with break-ups, what to do about gifts and property after a break-up, and how to cope with the pain.

Other things referenced in this episode:

  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Gang Group Dates (mentioned during the second news article)

  • Seinfeld- The Abstinence


Behind the Scenes

We recorded this episode in segments due to Austin getting a nasty cold the day before we had scheduled recording. We did the news segment one day and then finished the rest when he was feeling better (/wasn’t as close to death). To help him out since he wasn’t feeling well, I tried my hand at editing. Never again, haha.. It was nice to learn how to do it and get a feel for it, but damn, it’s no joke. I quickly realized the magic that comes with cutting and blending seamlessly.

As an update on the podcast overall, we are in the process for finalizing our first t-shirt! Kate Lalime, the genius that created our logo, made us another original design and we are working to have them printed and available by next month. Stay tuned!


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