About Life Sentences

​Life Sentences is a relationship-focused podcast that explores the ins and outs of dating, marriage, and everything in between. Amanda, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and her husband Austin discuss issues they’ve encountered in their own marriage, analyze and respond to listener questions, and also just share their thoughts on relationships in general.

Austin and AmandaAbout Austin & Amanda

The hosts of Life Sentences, Austin and Amanda, are a married couple who live in Western Massachusetts. They love their pug, Bentley, who is a common topic of discussion in the podcast. They came up with the idea for Life Sentences spontaneously at a wedding, while sitting at the bar and both agreeing that they should be recording their conversation. They’ve been recording their conversations ever since, giving advice, and laughing along the way. You’ll be sure to learn more about their relationship (perhaps too much) by tuning in!